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Pure West Compassion Club, is an alternative healthcare facility located in Holland, Michigan that specializes strictly within all services in pertinence to marihuana as a medical treatment. Recognized as one of Michigan's more well-respected medical marihuana certification centers, Pure West Compassion Club has been providing the state's inquiring and current medical marihuana patients with nothing but the finest services in modern healthcare. With a compassionate foundation, this location is dedicated to putting patients first and trying to directly alleviate any respective conditions that are brought forth through its doors.

As a Michigan medical marihuana certification center, Pure West Compassion Club features an extensive list of patient support services that are meant to assist and maximize a patient's overall wellness. This Holland location offers medical marijuana evaluations, medical marihuana recommendations and medical marihuana certifications, all of which are capable of bringing a Michigan medical marihuana patient one step closer to obtaining medicine. Please note that each and every service that is featured through this location is completely professional and never strays from remaining 100% within complete compliance of any of Michigan's medical marihuana bylaws and regulations.

Pure West Compassion Club abides the Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Act, where a physician must state in writing that the patient has a debilitating medical condition that qualifies them for medical marihuana treatment. A state issued card allows patients to use marihuana treatment legally in the State of Michigan.

Located in the lovely coastal city of Holland, Michigan, Pure West Compassion Club is situated in a town on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan on Lake Macatawa. As many residents of the state already know, Lake Michigan is the only one of the five Great Lakes of North America that is located entirely in the United States. The city of Holland spans the entire Ottawa/Allegan county line, covering a total landmass of around almost twenty square miles. As of the 2010 census, Holland's population was listed around 34,000 with an urbanized area population of around 96,000. Founded by the Dutch Americans, the city of Holland has a very large percentage of Dutch American descendants.

Although Pure West Compassion Clubis located in the historically rich city of Holland, that does not mean that the extensive patient services supplied through this location are only limited to the city of Holland. This location also extends its services in regards to medical marihuana to the surrounding towns and cities Hamilton, Dorr, Plainwell, Allegan, Wyoming, Jenison, Hopkins, Fennville, Pullman, Gun Lake, South Heaven, Otsego, Wayland, Byron Center, Kentwood, Hudsonville, Grand Rapids, Saugatuck, Coopersville, Muskegon Heights, And Muskegon. Regardless of where patients come from, Pure West Compassion Club vows to service each and every patient with the same amount of respect, integrity and professionalism. Far and wide, patients always come first at this alternative healthcare facility.

MarijuanaDoctors C.O.O.,John Nicolazzo said, "MarijuanaDoctors is absolutely honored to feature Pure West Compassion Club as one of the reputable cannaphysicians located within our integrated network. We are experiencing an influx of patients in the state of Michigan who are

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