Medical Marihuana Fire Crackers

Medical Marihuana Fire Crackers

To prepare and make firecrackers you will need: Ready Set Bake...

¼ to a half of a cup of all natural peanut butter

8 cracker of your choice example (saltine crackers)

1 gram of finely ground cannabis

Marijuana fire crackers can serve as an excellent party treat. It I best to use an all natural 100% peanut butter because the processed peanut butter tends to loose many of the essential peanut oils needed to metabolize the THC. This is a two person recipe yielding around two firecrackers per person.

You will want to allocate no more then a gram of marijuana in bud form to each marijuana fire cracker. It is suggested to eat one to two crackers and wait 30 minutes to an hour before ingesting additional crackers. The reason being is that the ingestion time can take longer than the desired or actual effect time. If you eat too much too quickly then you become over medicated.

Spread the all natural 100% peanut butter on four of the crackers. Sprinkle each peanut butter cracker with 1/4 gram of pot (marijuana) on the top and cover them with the remaining crackers to make four fire cracker sandwiches.

Once the fire crackers are prepared then preheat the oven to 325° F. Wrap the fire cracker sandwiches in foil (optional), then place on a baking pan or sheet. Bake the fire crackers for 20-25 minutes and then remove them from oven to the refrigerator for another 20-30 minutes. This is really all there is to making firecrackers. You can add jelly or other things to jazz this recipe up a bit. Bake safe and enjoy!

*Please remember that when you cook with medical marijuana you are cooking with a drug and the amounts and sizes of the drug and portions of the food ingested should always be taken into consideration. Always start out with small portions or doses and wait 30 minutes to an hour before eating any additional portions of medical marijuana foods.*

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